NGVi training options concept: in-house training in a classroom, live-virtual training on a laptop, and e-learning training with prerecorded lessons.

Rush Enterprises’ Customized CNG Training Program is the Gold Standard for Fleet Service Operations and Employee Motivation

When it comes to CNG vehicle training and safety, do your technicians participate in individual courses, or do they go through a fully developed program designed specifically for their roles? Both options may sound the same, but there’s a sizable difference: courses tend to be taken by employees as reactive solutions to problems they’ve already experienced, while programs are meant to be proactive. When it comes to CNG training, programs are better.

Just ask the team at Rush Enterprises and you’ll hear the same. In fact, if you want a CNG culture that’s grounded in safety, they are the perfect example. They’ve embraced a proactive approach to accident prevention and vehicle knowledge that evaluates the required skillsets of all of their team members — both those directly performing vehicle maintenance and those peripherally involved — and assigns them the appropriate CNG training to thrive in their roles.

To top it all off, they even incentivize employees to successfully complete training by offering them salary increases. This has already led to stronger company morale and higher employee retention.

Every Employee Needs CNG Safety Training

Every member of your team involved in natural gas vehicle maintenance in any capacity needs some level of training, starting with the basics of CNG safety. Why? It allows them to perform their jobs correctly, and the risk is too great without it.

In addition, a customized training program designed around each employee’s job tasks will reap the following benefits: 

  • Your company minimizes potential liability in the event of an incident.
  • You decrease vehicle downtime.
  • You spend far less on vehicle repairs, parts, and labor.

So how do these programs start?

Step 1: Needs Assessment

First, we’ll conduct a needs assessment to determine the required knowledge and skills for each of your employees’ job roles, taking into account both your organization as a whole, and the specific tasks your technicians perform. This allows us to identify what gaps may exist, and assign the appropriate courses to fill them.

Step 2: Continuous Education

Training programs provide comprehensive and continuous education. They include structured paths for new hires, offering peace of mind by letting them know what’s expected of them from Day 1. Plus, they ensure that existing employees get necessary refreshers and updates so that their skills stay sharp with the most current CNG information.

Your Training Program

We would be honored to partner with your team to develop the training program it needs to maximize its CNG investment, whether that’s managing a fleet, performing vehicle maintenance, or maintaining CNG fueling stations. When you’re ready, give us a call at 800-510-6484 to get started.