NGVi is the new standard of NGV training for organizations that truly care about safety.

When you’re launching an NGV program—whether for a fleet, a fuel retailer or a vehicle dealership, safety is your top concern. You’re passionate about making sure your customers, your employees and the general public are not exposed to any unnecessary risks. That’s where we fit in.

As the leading provider of NGV training in North America, we know safety. We live safety. We teach safety. We train the full chain of NGV users—from drivers to vehicle technicians to fueling station maintenance technicians to service managers and supervisors. We also train fueling station designers, fire marshals, code officials and first responders. But we don’t stop at training. We also size and design CNG stations and evaluate vehicle maintenance facilities for the use of CNG or LNG.

Mission Statement

NGVi’s mission is to provide the highest quality and most relevant technical training and consulting on natural gas vehicles and fueling for the transportation industry in North America.  Focused on safety, our training provides full awareness of the complexities of inspecting, maintaining and diagnosing natural gas vehicles and fueling stations.  

Why NGVi

Since 1989, hundreds of organizations have trusted NGVi to meet their training needs. They refer other clients to NGVi, and they come back every time they need additional training or consulting services.

  • We are the only ASE-accredited training provider in the entire alternative fuels industry.

  • We have 30 years of expertise helping real NGV customers.

  • We are 100% mobile—we train where you need us.

  • We train the entire natural-gas-for-transportation user chain.

  • Over 22,000 technicians and professionals trained.

  • 10 of the top 10 US NGV fleets are trained by NGVi.

ASE Accreditation

NGVi is the only ASE-accredited training provider in the entire alternative fuels industry. This means you can choose NGVi with confidence, knowing that our organization has been reviewed against automotive training industry established and endorsed standards, and approved by peers.

ASE accreditation is a rigorous process, and only the most diligent and professional automotive training organizations receive accreditation. NGVi is proud to be one of less than 50 organizations in the U.S. who can claim ASE accreditation, joining the ranks of companies like 3M, BMW, Volvo and Mack Trucks Training Academies and Toyota.

Choosing an ASE-accredited training provider like NGVi ensures you’re getting the highest quality training available, and when customer and employee safety is at stake, that’s always your number one priority.


  • Annalloyd Thomason

    Vice President/General Manager
  • Leo Thomason

    Executive Director and Instructor
  • Duane Lippincott

  • David Futscher

  • Sabrina Dodd

    Key Accounts Director
  • Kristy Maston

    Training Operations Manager
  • Jamie Johnson

    Customer Service Manager
  • Traci Brewer

Annalloyd Thomason

Vice President/General Manager

As General Manager, Annalloyd Thomason is responsible for leading NGVi to ensure that every customer’s experience with our training and consulting products, as well as our customer service team, meets or exceeds their expectations. With nearly 30 years’ management experience in NGV training, marketing and business development, Annalloyd’s expertise spans a wide scope.

In the training arena, Annalloyd also is a seasoned trainer, sought-after speaker and certified instructor-led and e-learning curriculum designer. In the consulting role, Annalloyd’s projects have included NGV-related strategic planning, policy development, business plan development, market analysis and marketing plan development.

Annalloyd began her career in the natural gas utility industry at Lone Star Gas Company in Dallas, Texas, where she was Director of Marketing. She holds an MBA in Management from Amberton University in Dallas, Texas and a BBA in Management from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

Leo Thomason

Executive Director and Instructor

Leo Thomason is known world-wide as an expert in both natural gas vehicle and fueling technology. As NGVi’s senior instructor, Leo helps vehicle and fueling station maintenance technicians, fleet managers and design engineers understand the nuances of using natural gas as a transportation fuel. Over the past three decades, he has personally trained more than 18,000 students in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Malaysia.

In the professional consultant role, Leo possesses specialized, in-depth and hands-on working knowledge of CNG fueling stations and vehicle maintenance facilities, and has assisted dozens of clients identify and solve technical and design challenges that could not be solved by others.

Leo Thomason began his career in the natural gas utility industry at Pacific Gas & Electric Company in California. He holds an MBA in Management Science from California State University, Hayward, California and a BS in Industrial Technology from California State University, Fresno, California.

Duane Lippincott


Duane Lippincott joined the NGVi team after a 30-year career in the Automotive Department at UPS, which oversees both maintenance and engineering. In 2005, he accepted an assignment in UPS Corporate Automotive Engineering as the Maintenance and Engineering Manager for the Class 8 power fleet, and most recently served as Director of Learning and Development with responsibility for all UPS automotive personnel in North America.

As a leader in the NGV industry, Duane also has served on the Board of Directors of the Technology Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association. He is a TMC Silver Sparkplug recipient, which is TMC’s highest award. His work with TMC has afforded Duane close relationships with decision makers of all the key North American fleets using CNG as a transportation fuel.

Duane holds a degree from Thomas Edison State University in Mechanics and Maintenance.

David Futscher


David Futscher is a 45-year veteran in the transportation industry, working as an automotive technician, fleet supervisor and fleet manager on automobiles, delivery vehicles, tractor trailers and aviation ground support equipment.

Prior to joining NGVi, David held a 31-year career at UPS, responsible for over 4,000 delivery and transportation vehicles. During this time, he developed extensive hands-on experience in natural gas vehicle maintenance and repair.

In addition, David collaborated with the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition to establish training for First Responders and Law Enforcement on proper and safe methods to address alternative-fueled vehicles involved in an accident or fire.

Sabrina Dodd

Key Accounts Director

Sabrina Dodd is the Key Accounts Director for NGVi. In this role, she develops strong relationships with NGV customers, manufacturers, fuel retailers and service providers that have multiple US locations. These include companies such as UPS, Frito Lay, PACCAR, Clean Energy, Rush Truck Centers and others.

Sabrina enjoys using her customer-focused and friendly approach to build and maintain long-term relationships with top decision-makers, and to design, develop and implement ongoing training plans for national accounts customers.

Prior to joining NGVi, Sabrina’s background includes experience in the nonprofit and service industries, working in both customer service and human resources. Sabrina holds an Associate’s Degree in Business from the College of Southern Nevada and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she worked toward a BS in Public Administration.

Kristy Maston

Training Operations Manager

In her role as Training Operations Manager, Kristy Maston, oversees all NGVi training events and related administrative and logistical functions. Kristy’s background includes a variety of experience in the hospitality and nonprofit industries.

Kristy holds a BA in the Individualized Degree Program from the Metropolitan State College of Denver, focusing on event planning and promotion, with a minor in nonprofit organization administration.

Jamie Johnson

Customer Service Manager

As Customer Service Manager, Jamie Johnson manages all aspects of planning and coordinating public training classes, from securing venues to material preparation and data tracking. In addition, she fields registrant inquiries and assists class attendees throughout the registration process.

Jamie began her career as an Administrative Claims Specialist for a third-party insurance administrator, where she gained valuable experience both in creative problem solving and providing customer support. Jamie holds a BA in International Relations from the University of California at Davis.

Traci Brewer

Traci Brewer is Accounting Manager at NGVi. In this position, Traci maintains all accounts payable and accounts receivable with a high degree of professionalism and strong problem resolution capabilities while maintaining 100% accuracy in all bookkeeping related tasks.

Traci’s background includes experience in the nonprofit and customer service industries, working in both accounting and customer service. Traci completed her Certification in Business Management at the College of Southern Nevada, specializing in Accounting.

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