Press Releases

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Annalloyd Thomason
Vice President/General Manager

January 22, 2020

NGVi Surpasses 1,000 Certified CNG Fuel System Inspectors

November 13, 2019

NGVi Releases 2020 Public Training and Certification Schedule

November 7, 2019

NGVi Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

October 10, 2019

Seasoned Fleet Maintenance Expert Joins NGVi Training Team

April 11, 2019

Importance of Workforce Development Spotlighted at ACT Expo

February 25, 2019

Retired UPS Learning and Development Director Duane Lippincott Joins NGVi

February 9, 2017

NGVi Launches New Tech Talk Series

January 6, 2017

NGVi Certifies First 100 CNG Fuel System Inspectors

June 23, 2016

NGVi Announces CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification Program

March 24, 2016

NGVi Introduces “Guided Skills Application” for Newly-Trained CNG Fuel System Inspectors

March 7, 2016

Announcing Live Web Workshop on CNG Fuel System Inspections

February 16, 2016

NGVi Adds Station Codes and Standards Course to E-Learning Program

January 12, 2016

NGVi Expands Public Technician Training to Canada

August 9, 2015

Heavy-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics Training Curriculum Expanded

July 7, 2015

NGVi Launches Industry’s First E-Learning Course for NGV Technicians

March 18, 2015

NGV Industry Veteran Gordon Larsen Joins NGVi

October 16, 2014

The Importance of NGV Training Spotlighted at 2014 North American NGV Conference and Expo

August 13, 2014

NGVi Adds E-Learning to CNG Fueling Training Curriculum

February 13, 2014

Industry’s Premier NGV Technician Training Featured at TMC Conference

September 20, 2013

NGVi Introduces CNG to TMC Supertech Competition

September 11, 2013

NGVi Showcases CNG Fueling Expertise at NACS Show

September 10, 2013

NGVi Launches Industry’s First Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty NGV Maintenance and Diagnostics Training Courses for Technicians

August 15, 2013

Exclusive Interview with NGVi’s Executive Director on SIRIUS XM's Road Dog Trucking Channel

June 27, 2013

NGVi Delivers CNG Codes & Standards Training For Fire Marshals And Other Code Officials

May 30, 2013

NGVi’s Executive Director Featured On Sirius Xm's Road Dog Trucking Channel

December 5, 2012

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute Recognized as ASE-Certified CASE Training Provider

October 16, 2012

NGVi Wins Award for CNG Vehicle Fuel System Inspector Course

September 5, 2012

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute to Exhibit at NACS Show 2012

June 26, 2012

NGVi Continues to Grow -- Training Team Welcomes Automotive Industry Expert

May 23, 2012

NGVi Partners In Comprehensive U.S. - Canadian NGV Market Analysis

April 19, 2012

NGVi TO Exhibit at Waste Expo 2012

February 28, 2012

NGVi Expands Staff with Automotive Industry Expert and Educator

September 8, 2011

NGVi to Exhibit at APTA Expo 2011

June 15, 2011

NVGi Joins "America's Businesses Support the NAT GAS Act" Campaign

May 25, 2011

NGVi Produces First-ever Comprehensive Online Buyers' Guide Exclusively For Natural Gas Vehicles

May 10, 2011

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute Launches New Interactive Website To Bring Fleets & Industry Together

March 9, 2011

Announcing Premier Natural Gas Vehicle And CNG Fueling Station Safety Training In East Brunswick, Nj

February 14, 2011

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute Brings Expert Natural Gas Vehicle And CNG Fueling Station Safety Training To Oklahoma City