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Press Release: Valvoline-NGVi Partnership Presents 10 Technicians With Free Heavy-Duty Training

Ten lucky vehicle technicians were recently awarded free heavy-duty natural gas vehicle training thanks to a Valvoline-NGVi partnership raffle. The raffle took place last month at Valvoline’s booth during the ACT Expo in Anaheim, California. Winners were officially announced on May 25th. They now have the opportunity to build on their previous natural gas experience by participating in NGVi’s heavy-duty NGV e-learning, an on-demand course that will teach them about the best diagnostics tools and procedures for natural gas fuel systems and engine maintenance and repair.

“We’re really proud of the turnout that we saw at the ACT Expo this year, and of all of the technicians who came by to participate in Valvoline’s booth raffle,” said Annalloyd Thomason, NGVi’s Vice President and General Manager.

Connie Johnson, Valvoline’s Demand Gen Marketing Trade Associate, mirrored that sentiment and noted how many technicians were eager for training to expand their skill sets and refresh their industry knowledge. “While it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces from years past, it was also refreshing to have plenty of new ones,” she said. “That’s a promising sign for natural gas as an alternative fuel source for so many fleets.”

Valvoline and NGVi have been long-standing partners in the alternative fuels industry. With over 150 years of experience, Valvoline is proud to offer the best engine lubricants for vehicle longevity and performance, while NGVi (Natural Gas Vehicle Institute) has been training technicians about natural gas vehicle safety, fuel system inspections, and heavy-duty engine maintenance and diagnostics for more than 30 years.

Both see the value and viability of natural gas as a fuel source from an economic as well as an ecological standpoint. Renewable natural gas (RNG) has risen in popularity not only as a more cost-effective fuel when compared to “traditional” natural gas, it also offers the benefit of being carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative based on how it’s sourced and applied.

“We look forward to seeing how the winners from this raffle perform during their training, and what their fleet managers have to say about it once they’re able to apply that knowledge in the repair bay,” said Thomason. “As for those technicians who participated but were not selected, we still hope to see them take part in one of our future classes to grow in their careers and natural gas expertise.”

Fleets that are interested in learning more about high-quality engine lubricants and natural gas vehicle training are encouraged to contact Valvoline and NGVi, respectively.