Customized E-Learning: The Perfect Solution

Training Challenge

Waste Management takes pride in operating the largest NGV fleet in North America. It employs a large team that requires training – 9,000 drivers and 1,600 technicians to be exact.

The company’s challenge is how to properly train employees who work in diverse locations and even speak different languages. Traditional, classroom-based training with a live instructor would be effective, but would be costly for the Waste Management and time consuming for its employees. Let’s face it, drivers and technicians don’t have a lot of time to be away from their jobs.

“Waste Management prides itself on being a lean, efficient organization, but we also are committed to training every employee who interacts with NGVs in our fleet to help ensure their safety, as well as the safety of our customers and the general public. That’s why we chose NGVi to help us with the daunting task of training Waste Management NGV drivers and technicians.”
– Marty Tufte, Corporate Fleet Director of Waste Management


Training Solution

Customized e-learning was the perfect solution for Waste Management. NGVi customized existing curricula for our online NGV driver and NGV technician training courses to meet Waste Management’s specific needs.

We incorporated their specific safety procedures and protocols and translated the new curricula into French and Spanish. The courses are then made available through NGVi’s Learning Management System which is always accessible to Waste Management employees allowing them to take training at a time most convenient for them.

“To ensure our employees are thoroughly prepared to safely work with NGVs, we require every driver and technician to take this training annually,” said John Tiquet, Natural Gas Fleet Manager for Waste Management. 

“The technician training process includes a final exam, also developed by NGVi, which is administered through our internal Learning Management System, so the company has a record of each learner’s performance. This gives us maximum assurance that our technicians are able to safely work on and around CNG and LNG vehicles.”

Training is part of Waste Management’s comprehensive safety program for CNG and LNG vehicles. The company holds an excellent safety record for employees who drive and service  NGVs thanks, in part to its commitment to NGV training.

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