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HandyTube Corporation, is a global stainless steel tube manufacturer based in Delaware, USA. As a premium manufacturer, HandyTube provides unique customer-specific solutions for the flow of gas, steam and liquid in harsh environments. Our unique process allows us to produce made-to-order, seamless, stainless steel tubing with diameters ranging from one inch in diameter to finer than a human hair, and in continuous lengths that can exceed a mile.

HandyTube’s CNG Tubing is designed to withstand extreme pressures associated with transporting compressed gas. Conventional stations use short straight length tubing to transport CNG. HandyTube’s CNG Tubing is truly seamless and provided in continuous lengths without any longitudinal or orbital welds to meet the unique requirements of each station, eliminating unnecessary labor associated with installing straight length. HandyTube’s CNG Tubing is safe, reliable and saves costs during installation and during fill time.

Ozgul Baser
Marketing Manager
Phone: 302-697-9521
Email: sales@handytube.com

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