Vehicle Training Level 3 Cummins INSITE and QSOL Software Training

Effective diagnostics for Cummins natural gas and diesel engines requires knowledge and skills in utilizing Cummins INSITE and QuickServe Online. This course expands technicians’ diagnostic skills and capabilities by learning to utilize basic and advanced functions of Cummins INSITE and QuickServe Online service manual. Technicians also gain a high-level understanding of J1939 Datalink structure, symptom troubleshooting information, electronic system reset procedures and optimizing ECM parameters based on vehicle application and operating environment.

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Who Should Attend?

Heavy-duty vehicle technicians with at least basic skills in heavy-duty vehicle repair, responsible to maintain, diagnose and repair natural gas or diesel-powered vehicles. 

Course Objectives

  • Describe operation of Cummins INSITE electronic tool
  • Demonstrate ability to navigate and maintain Cummins INSITE software
  • Describe basic functionality and theory of J1939 datalinks
  • Identify and access fault code troubleshooting information
  • Locate critical component calibration and system reset procedures
  • Identify and adjust engine calibration settings
  • Define Engine ECM calibrations 

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction to INSITE
Module 2 Connecting INSITE:  J1939 Datalink and Connection Requirements
Module 3 INSITE Work Orders, ECM Images and ECM Templates
Module 4 INSITE Fault Codes and Troubleshooting
Module 5 Using Data Monitor/Logger
Module 6 ECM Diagnostic Tests
Module 7 Advanced ECM Data Module
Module 8 Features & Parameters
Module 9 ECM Calibrations:  Identifying, Downloading, Locating and Transferring Calibration to the ECM
Module 10 Trip Information Datapoints, Reports and Resets
Module 11 Audit Trail
Module 12 Cummins QuickServe Online Overview
Module 13 Parts Dashboard
Module 14 Service Dashboard
Module 15 Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) Introduction


Instructional staff members of colleges, universities, private training organizations, fleets, dealers or manufacturers are not candidates for this course, but have numerous options for bringing NGVi’s training classes to their campuses or facilities. For more information, contact us at 800-510-6484.